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Wild West

He's back East, and it still jars him to think of it that way: Back East. Civilization. The strip held at a higher level of living than the rest of the continent through the efforts of the Organization, and especially the Adapt Larxene's control over electricity.

He's up above the city now, looking down at New York. His mind, even after all these years, overlays the real with the memory and he flexes hands that haven't been out of armour since the Moogles came up with it.

It's growing. They're finding more people. Helping as many as they can. The cities are building, the plan is working - slowly, but it's working. He resents the time spent in civilization, he has things to do. They have things to do.

They're here, however, because Al - always his touchstone - demanded that they take a break long enough to bring the children back and recharge before going back into the wilds. He knows it makes the rest of them feel better.

It makes him feel as ill as standing on solid ground does. It's wasted time to him, time that could be spent out finding more adepts, teaching more people, killing the chaos-twisted, policing the world.

But he can't go out alone, he's too much of a risk for floating off into the storms on his own.

And so he imagines how the city was, and he watches, and he waits for the others to relax.
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She didn't know why she bothered checking any place else anymore. If Xaldin was in town, he was above it these days. The labs and libraries were just a pointless detour when she wanted to find him. It was a tricky bit of control that let lightning adepts fly, the one other they'd found so far couldn't be bothered, but since he wasn't coming down...

"Brooding or plotting?" she asked as she drew up next to him. "And I brought your meal either way, cousin." she added as an after thought. Cousin. She liked that word, it let him know he still had ties...and she didn't really care to call him Xaldin.
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Of course he did; he was a very intelligent man. Didn't make it any less meaningful though! "California's...not the best place." she noted, small bits of lightning playing along her fingers as she heated the foil package she'd brought up. "The storms are at their worst on that coast. It'll play merry hell with any team you bring..." she'd get recovery rooms ready here.

"We still get reports from that state though. Monthly in fact. The rumor didn't come in that way did it?" it be a bit less worrisome if so.
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"Yes, it's just easier to track down through reports rather than rumors." and ease of tracking meant a shorter stay in California. "Hmmm, double the space, if we can pull people. I'll look into who we have when you're done eating." she promised.

"Do you know what town you're going to start in? We can start sending messages now, get the local authorities on our side so we don't run into any more screwed up semi-religious nut cases." she hadn't liked that town. Nope. Really hadn't liked it. Since he was behaving and eating as he should, she shifted his hood back so she could twist his dreads for him.

Why yes, her pockets were full of Xaldin care items.
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One of these days she was going to slip something really weird into his food, just to get some sort of reaction. Really. One of these days. "If he does it by throwing darts again I'll kick him." she threatened calmly.
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Larxene wouldn't put a Lego in food. She didn't like the choke potential. She might start seasoning things with cinnamon though. Or something. Depends. "Sometimes" she agreed. "But not for a first time taking a team into a state! Tilt your head..." she liked doing Dilan's hair. It was...a mostly quiet time for her!

"How about the largest 'civilized' town on the California/Mexico border? It'd be a good place to start, and it's probably a duty town, which means you'll have more people drifting through who may have heard rumors!"
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There was something inherently wrong with cinnamon steak? At least in her mind. She preferred things spicier. "I said probably. It might actually just be a regular town but I'll start looking." large towns just didn't really stay safe out west. So.

"And it is perfectly acceptable to have unrelated business in a duty town anyway. It is alright to just ask questions." yes, she was just teasing now.
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"Hmmm, true. My brain just kind of shies away from labeling the away teams as studs." she managed that with a straight face.

"Though I admit it does help in the public relations department."
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"We have to." she bopped the top of his had gently. "You think I'm willing to let yuou all go out, wreak havok, and then go back to the same places a little later? No. I talk to every established town you've ever visited. We share information. You guys don't get chased out with torches."
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"Right, so I'll assign one more." she'd had seven on it? "...and it'll be really nice to not have to write all that on my own. Keep an eye out for some more block type printing presses okay? Those still function, but the one we have gets jammed pretty regularly."

"You're going to have to do some columns."
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"Everyone, at some point or another." she countered. "They don't need to be amusing. People want understand things. To know, even if it's just little things that can be explained. Who better to provide information?"
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"You have moments, Dilan. More than you admit to yourself." she pointed out quietly "And you notice large groups. You see what scares people. "Dictate it if you have to, but get some of it out.'
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He can be angry. She deserved it.

"Knowing will help them. More than gathering adepts, more than training those we can, giving them information will help them all." she pointed out softly, still working on his hair. 'And you know more than most of us."
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"Thank you" yep. He was really angry.

Fair enough.

"The kids wanted me to thank you by the way. The winds always pick up when you're out here and they made paper kites."
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"She stopped crying, and we got her wing fixed." Larxene finally slid back and flipped his hood back up. "She's sleeping off the healing now. I'll be back before she wakes up."
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...enough in his estimation. She'd throw something else at him later. Probably an apple. "The others are also raiding their forges. They'll have a workspace set up for her by nightfall." she didn't argue with moogles being industrious. She just got them materials.
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Hmmm, maybe apple slices. Those were easier to just eat and keep going? "He's offered kool-aid in the standard color variety. I'll double check though."
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"Good call." she nodded and glanced out over the horizon. "Anything headed this way tonight?" none of her cities were currently being hit, so she didn't know.
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Yeah, that part bothered her. "Lindsay will like that. She'll want to be out in it." their newest little water adept. "No harm in it?" as long as it was just rain...

"And you'll get in before you get soaked?"
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"I'll bring her out for it then." a little rain never hurt a girl. And she liked making the kids happy. "I can seed lightning, if it's not folding right soon." she grinned.

"Thirty hours..." she nodded. "Small enough to have the kids practice anchoring with you guys?" they were still sedated through larger ones.
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She spent chaos storms unanchored, fighting every moment of the storm. she didn't want to, she missed riding with them. Truly missed...

Larxene figured she probably sounded a lot like Dilan when she'd first come out of the storms. Sometimes she wondered how much longer they'd have him. The rest the time she just worried herself sick. "We will. if you're still out when tonight's rain hits, come down, show Lindsay a whirlwind okay?" play in the rain a little. "Please?"
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"Thank you" yes, for the child it would be. And if he opened his mouth to tell Lindsay otherwise she would zap him. A lot.

"We'll see you then." she tried not to outwear her welcome with made it a lot easy to show back up again soon to bully him more.
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"If you forget we'll come get you" she smiled and leaned her cheek against his hand a moment. She could piggie back a kid up high. And Lindsay was a brave girl.

"Later, cousin." she was already plotting how to nudge him towards bed when he was lower as she started to drift downward.