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Chaos Precip Application

Name: Xaldin, AKA Dilan
Species: Olia-Katzu halfbreed
Canon: Kingdom Hearts II

Age: 57

Physical Sex: Male

Affinity: Air

Affinity Level: Adept

Born in July of 1948, Dilan was the only child of Lenna Ambred. He was the product of a one night stand between an overworked Olia ER nurse and a passing Katzu diplomat of Dahnil Clan. It was, to be blunt, a shock to both of them. While the child was offered a place in the Katzu territories, with his father, he did not show sufficient traits of Dahnil to be considered part of that clan, and it was decided that his mother would raise him until he was of an age to choose his own path in life. The clans would have accepted him happily; any child was welcome there, but it would be easier for him to grow up amidst Olia and humans rather than as a Clanless baby.

Lenna's best friend from childhood, Elcy Mains-Terwood, had a child three and a half years older than Dilan. This child, Braig, considered the younger boy to be "his", in the manner of a puppy or kitten. As they grew up, Dilan idolized the older boy and followed him around from the time he could walk.

Dilan was not an easy child, although he didn't try to be difficult. He developed obsessive-compulsive disorder at an early age. He was a needy child, needing reassurances that he was cared about, needing companionship, needing to be helpful, and would become fussy if left alone or without chores for long enough. Lenna wasn't a strong woman, although she tried her best. If it weren't for Elcy and her husband Yinsi giving her additional support and help she would not have been able to take care of her son.

By the time Dilan was ten his mother was drinking too much, too often. His sense of responsibility drove him to try to keep her from sliding deeply enough into her alcoholism that she'd lose her job and her house, but he was only a child...and not even her friends were able to pull her out of the self-destructive spiral. By the time he was eleven he was living with Braig's family full-time, as they had the time and resources to deal with two talented children.

Dilan's father died in an airplane accident when Dilan was eleven, an event which didn't impact the child much as he never knew the man. However the extended family, most notably Dilan's great-grand-uncle, took it upon themselves to offer him a place with them. He attempted to live with Sannish of Dahnil's family for several months, but the abrupt change from everything that he knew and all of his rituals led to a fairly severe neurotic breakdown. Regardless of Lenna's inability to raise her child, it was decided it would be far more damaging to Dilan to attempt to move him permanently to the Katzu Territories. Members of the extended family began to pass through regularly to connect Dilan to his father's people more, giving him another anchor against the world.

It was obvious from a young age that Dilan and Braig were geniuses, although their talents led to different branches of science in the end, causing them to shoot through school rapidly. Braig was something of a lazy child, and so Dilan was able to skip ahead enough three years of classes to graduate with his friend, who coasted through school to graduate on-time instead of early.

Best friends through thick and thin, the boys fell naturally into a polyamory situation where they dated the same girls from the time that Dilan began to date, around age thirteen. When Dilan was fifteen he admitted to his best friend that he had been suffering a crush on the older boy for over a year, and with very little awkwardness considering the ages of the two of them, they began to date each other as well. It wasn't a perfect relationship, however it was one that evolved into something neither of them could consider living without.

Later that same year, just before they graduated from high-school, Lenna's lifetime struggle with alcoholism came to it's inevitable, and tragic, end. She died, leaving Dilan crushed.

Along with another genius child and friend from their little town and age-group on the Georgia coast, Aeleus, they tore through college, the three of them eventually securing positions with one of the premere scientists dealing with the boundaries of magic and technology, Ansem called "The Wise". Ansem was a decent man, a little too driven to really connect with people the way he ought, and too willing to take people at face value without checking up on them. This was something the three boys, now young men, learned to quietly clean up after.

From internships to multiple doctorates they worked with Ansem, pushing the boundaries of what magic and technology could do, eventually adding two more to their team; Even and Ienzo. The five of them settled into an easy working relationship, with bonds of friendship building between some of them.

In 1976 a sixth scientist was added to their group, a refugee from Japan with some little knowledge of what was happening over there. By this point the war with Japan was raging on and Ansem's work-group was dedicated to trying to stop the Ultimate Being from breaking free and destroying all of the world. All seven scientists, with their pool of knowledge, worked to come up with a solution to the looming destruction of all life.

In 1985 they came up with one. It was Dilan's biological bent that put the first and last steps of the Solution together, although it took every one of them bending their entire massed intellect to set things in motion.

When The Solution was enacted the six were at ground zero, as well as a host of other scientists and workers. Most of those present were killed immediately. Those who survived were instantly catapulted to the Adept level of whatever element they became connected to, Dilan himself becoming the first Air adept. Much of his physicality was burned away in that initial blast of magic, if not for the quick thinking of his best friend and oldest lover he would have discorperated. As it was, the combination of Aeleus' Earth and Braig's strong emotional bonds allowed him to hang on, if by the skin of his teeth.

When the first of the traumatized Moogles was found, huddled in a broken down building, they were able to solve two problems; giving the Moogle a task and finding a way to protect Dilan from the pressure of keeping himself together. The Moogle came up with a set of armour, the armour now seen as the Organisation's uniform, which allowed him to rest.

As reports began to trickle in, when the true scope of the devastation was figured out, Dilan blamed himself for the mistakes made and fell into a dark despair that only rarely and briefly lifted around family, Braig, and children. He renamed himself Xaldin and is the least likely of the Organisation to let go and simply enjoy himself.

The reeling remaining scientists reached for something to do; they came to the conclusion that this was their problem, and they needed to fix it. As a group they called themselves "The Organisation" and vowed to fix the problems their solution had created, without reaching for power or interfering in the lives of those who had survived.

Lenna's family, a Romany tribe of Olia, actually came through the Solution better than many. They, eventually, managed to catch up with the Organisation and upon finding out who Xaldin was did their best to bring him back to the land of the fully living. One major point of connection in his life is his youngest cousin-once-removed, Larxene. He was present at her birth, and when she was set in his hands something came slightly back to life inside of him. Stopping in to check on her growth was a thing that he made time for, taking breaks from his near-suicidal working drive.

Braig refused to give up on his lover, being the main thing which kept Xaldin from working himself into an early grave. The short Space adept regularly forces him to eat, sleep, and take more pleasant breaks. Their relationship isn't the same as it was before, when Dilan was the care-taker and Braig required pampering, but it is no less loving on either side. Without Braig, Xaldin would not have enough reason to continue.

Years after Larxene's birth his mother's people called him, she had expressed as Lightning adept and they needed him to chase her down and bring her back. It was a powerful and traumatizing event for both of them, leaving the two of them even more tightly bound by love and shared pain. She is, and remains, his favourite.

Xaldin continually and constantly walks the edge of dissipation, he has not been able to remove his armour, including the mask, for more than periods of about an hour at a time since the first time he put it on. The driven, brooding figure that he has become is a source of worry for those that love, like, or simply respect him.

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