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CP 'verse - Dilan & Aeleus - meetings

Dilan entered college just after he turned sixteen, which had the benefit (in his mind) of putting him there after his growth-spurt. It would have been bad enough to be fifteen and at college without being fifteen, 4'11, and in college.

He was taking most of his classes with Braig, of course, but as close as they were the two of them also had interests that didn't connect. Computers, for instance, were Dilan's thing but not Braig's. Martial arts didn't particularly interest the smaller man, nor did cooking.

So in the period between his intro to culinary arts class and his karate class, Dilan was at something of a loss. Braig was in class (metaphysics, and it never made sense to the younger man), and Dilan had half an hour to kill. Not enough time to really work on homework, too much to just go straight to class.

This is how he found himself wandering around the campus gardens aimlessly, laughing at himself for being so pathetic.

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There was someone else walking around, but he wasn't exactly wandering aimlessly so much as very obviously lost. He was tall, exceptionally so, but despite his bulk, he seemed to walk with a certain amount of delicacy and exactness. His arms dwarfed the books under them, and the glasses perched on his nose were thick-rimmed since anything less would have been lost in his features.

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Aeleus looked at the other Katzu curiously, happy to see another here of course, it made him feel less homesick, but unsure of what he'd done to prompt anyone greeting him. He didn't mind it, and he didn't mind 'Dilan', as he'd said his name was, but it took a moment to return in kind.

"Aeleus. Also."

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The names put together, though, jogged his memory and made him perk up curiously.

"Braig and Dilan?"

That was familiar!

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He patted his chest.

"Marleena and Patrick's son."

No one in their little town could miss his parents, or his family anyways. They were a bit of a group. Most of them had been adopted, of course, but the farm was well known for providing a decent amount of the produce for their town.

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He smiled softly, noticing the wince.

"It's done," he said to that.

"And yes. Aeleus."

Not that he minded people calling him 'Al'. Most of his family did the same, after all. There were too many of them for formality.

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"Engineering," he said simply and pointed to where he thought the building was. He was wrong, but that was a foregone conclusion.

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He blinked just the once in reply before giving the other man a faint smile.

"Thank you."

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He shrugged.

"I get lost easily."

The way he'd tell where he was going back on the family farm involved the feel of the dirt and the plants, the grass or rocks or crops or mud. He was usually too busy inside his own head to pay attention visibly, which led to this kind of thing.

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He looked around, first over at his pockets, then at his bag and finally he shrugged. He might have one. He couldn't remember where it is right now.

"I'm not," no judgement, just a statement.

"But thank you."

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That got another pause; Al was the deliberate type.

"You don't mind?"

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He nodded to that and pulled his schedule out from his bag, holding the paper out for Dilan to look at.

"Thank you."

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He nodded.

"Entirely possible. I would."

Do it like that, he meant.

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"Do it like that."

Then again, he'd already shown that he got lost very easily, so there was no telling if it was really worth it for most people.


Back home, there were enough voices and shouting and scrabbling between the lot of them that the only smart thing to do was to remove the only voice you could unless something needed saying. It meant that when you did speak, people listened if only for the novelty. Because he'd been there the whole time, his family had learned to understand him from even the most minimal of words. Now, though...

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"I..." it was hard to find the words, "don't explain. Well."

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He noticed the glint, smiling faintly.

"I don't mind," he told Dilan in reply as he glanced up at the engineering building.

"...can I do anything? As a thank you?"

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He gave a faint smile at the thought and nodded.

"I like to host. I'm in Michaelson House."

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He nodded and pulled out a small card which had, neatly written, his full name, his address on campus, and a few other pieces of contact information.

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He nodded and started counting them idly on his fingers. He soon ran out of fingers.

Then he nodded again.

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He nodded firmly. He loved his family. All million and a half of them, as rambunctious and mad as they were. They were why he was there, how he was there, and he'd come to make it in the big city as much for them as to live out his potential.

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He glanced down at the map, lips quirking thoughtfully back and forth. Then another nod. It was a main tool of communication.