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sliceitwithwind ([personal profile] sliceitwithwind) wrote2012-03-17 01:36 pm

CP 'verse - Dilan & Aeleus - meetings

Dilan entered college just after he turned sixteen, which had the benefit (in his mind) of putting him there after his growth-spurt. It would have been bad enough to be fifteen and at college without being fifteen, 4'11, and in college.

He was taking most of his classes with Braig, of course, but as close as they were the two of them also had interests that didn't connect. Computers, for instance, were Dilan's thing but not Braig's. Martial arts didn't particularly interest the smaller man, nor did cooking.

So in the period between his intro to culinary arts class and his karate class, Dilan was at something of a loss. Braig was in class (metaphysics, and it never made sense to the younger man), and Dilan had half an hour to kill. Not enough time to really work on homework, too much to just go straight to class.

This is how he found himself wandering around the campus gardens aimlessly, laughing at himself for being so pathetic.

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