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Fic - On Adepts

There are the things you'd never dream of missing, that you'd have laughed over if anyone had suggested you might.

The crick in your knees on a cold morning, the swelling of your finger joints. The soreness of feet asked to bear the heavy burden of a body too large for them, the sensation of a sunburn.

Such little pains, annoyances sometimes and actual hurts others, and yet they're gone. They're gone like the freedom to walk around half-naked in your own place, unbound by any constraints except those you chose. Gone like the ability to reach out any time and touch skin to skin.

Some of it can be recovered, for an instant here or there. The coat can be shed, the gloves taken off, if the weather is nice and no Storms approach. It's a gamble, though, because sometimes they come out of nowhere and you're at risk; another slice of your self flayed from you. How much element, how much person? The balance is always tipping, always tilting.

Nobody even knows if you can come back. Can you regain shreds of self torn away, given away, lost? Can you regain something new, even if not what you once were? Are you doomed to eventually fade into the element that is now as much you as your skin and bones and memories?

It happens to all Adepts, eventually. The stillness and the quiet and the wondering...and missing those little annoyances that proved you were real.