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Birthdate:Sep 15
Website:Chaos Precip
Name: Xaldin, AKA Dilan
Species: Olia-Katzu halfbreed
Canon: Kingdom Hearts II

Age: 57

Physical Sex: Male

Affinity: Air

Affinity Level: Adept

History: Before The Solution Dilan was one of the scientists working with the primary scientific mind of history, Ansem. It was Xaldin's desperate idea which launched The Solution, and in his opinion it was his miscalculation which lead to the side-effects which changed the world. This is, however, not the full truth: they were all culpable.

He, along with the other apprentices, was caught in the initial blast at ground level and had his entire being swamped with enough energy that he immediately expressed as an adept-level Air. The only thing that saved him from dissipating was that Aeleus was on one side of him and when that worthy expressed as Earth he grabbed onto the fading Dilan, grounding him long enough that they were able to scramble for a collection of magics to hold him together.

Upon finding the first of the traumatized Moogles they were able to talk it out of its shell by asking it to create armour to hold Dilan together, which was the first time in several months that he was not physically clinging to either Aeleus or Braig, the Space adept's romantic relationship with him giving him a focus almost as great as the magical one from his best friend.

When the true scope of the devastation was figured out Dilan blamed himself for the mistakes made and fell into a dark despair that only rarely and briefly lifted around family, Braig, and children. He renamed himself Xaldin and is the least likely of the Organisation to let go and simply enjoy himself.

At one point his mother's people called him, his cousin Larxene had expressed as Lightning adept and they needed him to chase her down and bring her back. This was one of the best things that could have happened to him, as it caused him to renew ties with his family and as a result he and Larxene have become closer to each other than he is to any other person he is related to. She became the third individual touchstone in his life; Braig, Aeleus, and Larxene.

Xaldin continually and constantly walks the edge of dissipation, he has not been able to remove his armour, including the mask, for more than periods of about an hour at a time since the first time he put it on. The driven, brooding figure that he has become is a source of worry for those that love, like, or simply respect him.
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